Asphalt Patching and Maintenance

 We love new projects! Give us a call to get a price quote on a new parking area, driveway, sport court, or any other asphalt project. 

Overlay and Resurfacing

Looking for a facelift for your existing asphalt? We offer resurfacing - which is an easy and affordable way to get a brand new parking lot or driveway with little to no removal.

Asphalt Patching and Maintenance

 All year round, Atlas Asphalt strives to provide emergency patchwork for commercial and residential blacktop. As a trusted contractor, we repair thousands of patches each year.  


In order to extend the life of your pavement, it is important to fill your cracks before water gets in there and freezes! This ice is costly and a great way to ruin a perfectly good asphalt parking lot or driveway. The more frequently you crackfill and sealcoat, the less frequently you will have to replace your asphalt.


We provide drainage installation, and as a member of US Pavement Services, integrate all of our service offerings in one central spot - Atlas Asphalt.